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MVSS Council Meeting

Dr. Emerick Szilagyi, editor of the Journal of Vascular Surgery, reported that 68% of the manuscripts from the 1989 Annual Meeting had been accepted for publication in the Journal, the highest acceptance rate for a major regional vascular society.

Fourteenth Annual Meeting

MVSS membership had grown to 285 members, 17 of whom lived outside the geographic area of the Society.

Thirteenth Annual Meeting

At the Annual Meeting, the MVSS members voted to publish discussion of papers, along with the paper itself, in the Journal of Vascular Surgery.

Twelfth Annual Meeting

The possibility of creating an “inactive membership” status for members living outside the geographic area of the Society was considered and rejected. Thus, to maintain active membership, members inside and outside the geographic area should attend at least one meeting every three years.

Eleventh Annual Meeting

At the Eleventh Annual Meeting in Chicago, 17 new members were accepted. The Executive Council agreed to establish a distinguished Service Award to be given to members of MVSS who have made unusual contributions to the growth and development of the Society.

Tenth Annual Meeting

Sixteen new members were accepted at the Tenth Annual Meeting, which was held in Indianapolis, IN. We also mourned the passing of Geza DeTakats, one of the great pioneers of vascular surgery.

Ninth Annual Meeting

By the Ninth Annual Meeting, MVSS had outgrown the Drake Hotel and had moved to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. MVSS had 211 members, and of the 12 states within the Society’s geographic boundaries, South Dakota was the only state not represented.

Eighth Annual Meeting

MVSS began publication of selected papers from the annual meeting in the new Journal of Vascular Surgery.

Seventh Annual Meeting

As of the Seventh Annual Meeting, MVSS included 171 members, 19 of whom were accepted at the meeting.

Sixth Annual Meeting

At the Sixth Annual Meeting, held in Milwaukee, WI, there were 210 physicians, including 110 members in attendance.