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Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting

At the 24th Annual Meeting of MVSS, held in Scottsdale, AZ, Dr. Roy Greenberg from the Cleveland Clinic was invited to deliver the Honored Guest Lecture on “Biomechanical Issues Associated with the Design and Development of Endovascular Aortic Grafts.”

Twenty-Third Annual Meeting

At the 23rd Annual Mmeeting in Chicago, seven new members were admitted. Patrick J. O’Hara became the new council President-Elect.

Twenty-Second Annual Meeting

The 22nd Annual Meeting was held in Dearborn, MI, with a total attendance of 297, including 144 physicians, 112 members, 22 guests, and 10 residents. For the Guthrie Award, 13 submissions were made and one selected.

Twenty-First Annual Meeting

The 21st Annual Meeting was held at the Drake Hotel. MVSS accepted 9 new members, and of the 53 abstracts submitted, 23 papers were selected.

Twentieth Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was held in St. Louis, MO, with Membership was now 358 members, with 277 active members, 39 senior members, 41 senior retired members, and one honorary member. Twelve abstracts were reviewed for the Guthrie Award.

Nineteenth Annual Meeting

At the 1995 Annual Meeting, membership had grown to 300 members, with 244 active members and 55 senior members. Attendance was 440, including 236 physicians and 135 exhibitors.

Eighteenth Annual Meeting

The Eighteenth Annual Meeting was held in Cincinnati, OH. As of that meeting, there were 320 members, with 261 active, 58 senior, and one honorary member.

A suggestion to expand membership to include Canadian surgeons in contiguous provinces was rejected, but members were free to sponsor Canadian guests and papers for the meetings.

Seventeenth Annual Meeting

Sixteen new members were added at the 1993 Annual Meeting, bringing the total membership to 324 members. Of these, 49 were senior members and one was an honorary member.

Sixteenth Annual Meeting

The Society decided to expand its membership by actively inviting interventional radiologists, vascular internists, and cardiologists to join; to preserve the character of MVSS, it was agreed that non-vascular surgeons should not exceed 20% of the active membership.

Fifteenth Annual Meeting

At the Annual Meeting at the Drake Hotel, membership had risen to 291 members. Fifty-seven abstracts were submitted at the meeting, of which 23 were accepted; seventeen were subsequently published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery.