The Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society (MVSS) seeks to advance excellence in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of vascular disease and to promote vascular health through research, education, scholarship, advocacy, and leadership.


The objectives of the Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society are to:

• Promote, encourage, and improve the communication of knowledge concerning all aspects of vascular disease and health
• Provide education in new science, surgical techniques and practice related to vascular disease and vascular health
• Serve as a strong advocate for members in all areas of vascular disease management and vascular health
• Promote the development and implementation of new technology for diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease
• Address social, economic, ethical, and legal issues related to vascular surgery
• Enhance the ability to provide care and serve disparate communities through a commitment to diversity and inclusion
• Promote diversity and inclusion in vascular surgery education, training, and research


The Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of Vascular Surgery. We value a diverse and culturally competent membership and recognize the negative impact of inequality and bias on healthcare outcomes and the advancement of Vascular Surgery research and education. We fully commit to the fundamental principle that all people should be treated with decency, respect, and civility, and that all patients deserve equitable health care regardless of background, beliefs, race, ethnicity, sexual or gender identity, or geography. We are committed to promoting equity and diversity amongst our general and committee membership and Society representation and leadership. We are committed to mentoring a diverse group of medical students and vascular surgery trainees, and to set an example of assuring diversity, equity, and inclusion for others to follow.