Medical Student Membership

MVSS Guidelines for Student Membership

The Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society (MVSS) Medical Student Candidate Membership provides a platform for medical students to gain access, attend the educational programs and the annual meeting of the MVSS. This will also provide a platform for them to interact with Vascular Surgeons from the region as well as to promote a network of similarly, interested students.

As a MVSS Medical Student Candidate Member, you will be able to continue cultivating your interest in vascular surgery and gain valuable contacts in the specialty.


Medical Student Candidate membership may be granted to Medical Students who are currently students from the Medical schools belonging to the MVSS geographic location. The term of Medical Student Candidate Membership shall be limited to the duration of Medical School attendance. Upon Graduation from Medical School you may be eligible to continue as a Candidate Member if you are accepted to or enrolled in an accredited Vascular Surgery/General Surgery training program in the United States or Canada.

MVSS Medical Student Candidate Members pay no fees for the duration of their medical school career.

Medical Student Candidate Membership shall be approved through administrative action by the Secretary of the MVSS at the recommendation of the Membership Committee after determining that an applicant has satisfied the applicable requirements.

Medical Student Candidate Members are not permitted to vote at MVSS business meetings, hold elected office or serve on councils or committees.

Complete and return the application, in PDF format or online. To be considered, you must also submit a letter from the Vascular Surgery Program Director, Chair of the Department, or Dean of the Medical School. Please direct inquiries to the Society’s Administrative Office.

Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society
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