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Thirty-Fifth Annual Meeting

The Society comprised 527 members strong with 293 Active members. At the Annual Meeting, there was a moment of silence for two members who had passed: Dr. John H. Hagerman from Toledo and Dr. Burl Dillard from St. Louis.

Thirty-Fourth Annual Meeting

With the success of New Horizons course at the Annual Meeting, the TEVAR course, and the change in dues instituted last year, the Society was financially healthy; total member had increased to 580 members.

Three members have passed away and will be dearly missed: Dr. Emerick Szilagyi from Bloomfield Hills, Dr. Thomas E. Topper from Evansville, and Dr. Vallee L. Willman from St. Louis.

Thirty-Third Annual Meeting

The Society continued to grow, reaching a total of 551 members. Sadly, this year marked the passing of Dr. William J. Fry from Ann Arbor and Dr. John R. Pfeifer from Livonia.

Thirty-Second Annual Meeting

Dr. Pfeifer, society archivist, reported to the society that the annual bound book constitutes the annual report In order to receive the history, members must attend an annual meeting.

Twenty-Ninth Annual Meeting

At the Annual Meeting in Chicago, Dr. Emerick Szilagyi, in his nineties, attended to present the first annual Szilagyi Award, which is given to the resident trainee who gives the best paper in clinical research.

MVSS now had 3 membership categories: Active, Associate, and Candidate. Associate Members consist of allied health care professionals who have a major interest in peripheral vascular surgery and/or endovascular intervention, including Vascular Nurses, RVTs and Physician Assistants.

Twenty-Eighth Annual Meeting

At the Annual Meeting in Omaha, NE, it was recommended that Fellows in Vascular Surgery be given automatic candidate memberships; total membership at the time was 427.

Twenty-Seventh Annual Meeting

The attendance at the Annual Meeting was 279, including 202 members. The Society had grown to 428 members, making the MVSS one of the largest regional vascular societies in the US.

We were saddened by the passing of Dr. Jack Cranley, the fourth President of the Society, and one of the great innovators and pioneers in the early history of vascular surgery.

Twenty-Sixth Annual Meeting

An Endovascular Course was held in conjunction with the 26th Annual Meeting of the Society. Due to its success, it was decided the course would be an annual event.

Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting

MVSS’s 25 Anniversary Meeting was held in Chicago, and among its attendants were 20 of the past 25 Society presidents. The meeting was clouded by the devastating events of September 11th, and at the opening session a moment of silence was respected in remembrance of the victims.

MVSS Council Meeting

A recommendation came out of the meeting that all vascular surgeons become trained and competent in endovascular procedures.