Medical Student Educational Opportunities

MVSS VSIG Webinar:  Interesting Case Presentations

Date Thursday, May 23rd, 2024 @ 6:00pm CST

Vascular Surgeons throughout the Midwest will lead mentored discussions on interesting cases and management for Interesting Cases in Vascular Surgery, including Aortic Emergencies.  These presentations will discuss vascular surgery, radiology, endovascular procedures, open operative procedures, hybrid procedures, postoperative management and critical care topics which should appeal to a broad range of interests for medical students interested in procedural specialties (vascular, cardiac, critical care, imaging (IR) and acute surgical specialties).

“Introduction to Vascular Surgery” Didactic Session & Virtual Residency Fair

Date Tuesday, August 20th, 2024 @ 5:00pm CST

The primary objective of the didactic portion of the program is to familiarize medical students with the field of Vascular Surgery, including diseases treated, patients encountered, and types of interventions performed. The program is intended to clarify how the field differs from other surgical and interventional specialties, highlighting its unique aspects. Also, the program is intended to familiarize students with the training pathways and career options available.

Medical students will then take part in a Virtual Residency Fair which will begin with a panel discussion about the match and interview process from current vascular trainees followed by time to visit with individual programs via Zoom breakout rooms. Students will have access to the participating programs in advance to help them plan their visits on the night of the event.

Medical Student Live Surgical Skills Program & Mentorship Event

Friday, September 13, 2024 @ 2:45pm  (Final Time to be confirmed)
Westin River North, Chicago, IL
(During the MVSS Annual Meeting)

This program provides an excellent opportunity for student learners of all levels to meet other learners with similar interests and provides the opportunity to meet members and leaders of the Society. The primary training objective is to introduce vascular surgery simulation and skills training to medical students as a vehicle to enhance their educational experience during medical school and help direct them towards consideration of a career in vascular surgery. We will also be hosting a mentoring event to follow the skills sessions, where students will be matched with MVSS members to further promote their interest in vascular surgery.

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