2023-2024 Call for Leadership Volunteers

Deadline to Volunteer: Friday, August 18, 2023

The Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society continues to grow and be THE Society for Vascular Surgeons in the Midwest Region. The Executive Council is pleased to announce an open Call for Volunteers to serve on one of the MVSS Committees. Both nominations of other members and self-nominations are invited.

Active Members in good standing are eligible to serve on any Committee and Candidate Members are invited to volunteer for the Medical Student Education Committee and any Ad Hoc Committees. Kindly let us know if you would like to participate by clicking on the link below. Though not required, including a brief paragraph indicating why you would like to serve may be helpful to the Nominating Committee and Executive Council members who will consider all appointments.

Unless otherwise indicated, most terms begin following the Annual Meeting each year with most committee business being conducted by email and an occasional zoom call. Committee chairs and Society representatives are invited to attend the Executive Council meetings.

The following committees have openings for nominations:

Communications Committee (3-Year Term – Last Year Serving as Chair)

The Communications Committee is responsible for generating content on our social media platforms as well as online newsletter. Our objectives on the communications committee are:

  • Inform the membership about upcoming and recent events that may be of interest to them
  • Highlighting accomplishments of the society
  • Increase awareness of our society’s efforts towards education, training, and recruitment of future vascular surgeons
  • Assist with the communication of the Executive Councils messages to our community

Community Practice Committee (3-Year Term – Last Year Serving as Chair)

Community Practice Committee is responsible to enhance value of the community vascular surgeons  membership to the Society. Committee will have the opportunity to work closely with the membership committee, New Horizons committee, and Educational Outreach Committee to recruit members, direct the programs, provide opportunities that are  important for our community vascular surgeons.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Ad Hoc Committee (3-Year Term)

The goals of the DEI Committee are:

  • To define DEI Metrics and develop measures that can be utilized to evaluate the Society’s progress
  • Develop any necessary policies & positions to align DEI initiatives of the SVS
  • Propose and implement strategies for engaging a more diverse MVSS membership and leadership
  • Incorporating DEI into annual meeting to increase awareness about inequities
  • Recommend executive council regarding the DEI scholarship and health disparities research awardees

Education Committee/Medical Student Education (3-Year Term)

The goal of this Committee is to help recruit medical students and residents into vascular surgery with an emphasis on Midwestern region vascular surgery programs. Committee will host at least 3 webinars directed towards medical students and residents exploring vascular surgery careers. This committee will also host a resident fair providing opportunities for all the training programs in the region.

Education Committee/Mock Orals (3-Year Term)

The goal of the Committee is to organize a quality, simulated mock oral exam to senior level trainees. Committee will be responsible to seek volunteers to serve as examiners, provide feedback to the candidates and programs. Examinations are currently conducted in a virtual format in the foreseeable future. Committee works closely with the Executive council.

Education Committee/Simulation Course (3-Year Term)

The goal of the Committee is to organize a quality, open and endovascular simulation program benefitting senior level trainees. Committee will be responsible to seek volunteers to serve as evaluators, provide feedback to the candidates and programs. Simulation activities are a part of the annual MVSS meeting. Committee works closely with the Executive Council.

Educational Outreach Committee (Webinar Series) (3-Year Term)

The purpose of this Committee is to create educational webinar programs for our membership. The Society hosts approximately six webinars per year, focused on controversial, cutting-edge technology. Committee will be responsible to create the program content, invite speakers and work with industry relations committee in obtaining industry support.

Membership Committee (3-Year Term)

The Membership Committee will develop and promote member recruitment and retention strategies. The Committee will also review list of applicants and present nominations for membership to the Executive Council for review before final vote during the Annual Business Meeting. Committee will review applications and meet at least thrice to review the membership applications.

Program Committee/New Horizons (3-Year Term)

The Purpose of this Committee is to organize the New Horizons Program for the Annual Meeting. Chair attends Program Committee and Executive Committee meetings and receives feedback on the annual meeting program from those groups. Committee will be responsible for creating the program content, identify the speakers. New Horizons program is a popular component of the annual Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society.