Associate Membership

MVSS Guidelines for Associate Membership

Associate Members shall consist of Allied Healthcare Professionals who have a major interest in peripheral vascular surgery and/or endovascular interventions. This group will include vascular nurses, registered vascular technicians, radiology technicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Associate members shall pay dues, but shall have no voting privileges and are not eligible for election to office.

Application Process

  1. Applicants should sign up through our online portal.
  2. Applicants must identify one member of the Midwestern Vascular Surgery Society to serve as their Sponsor. This person should be familiar with the candidate’s training, clinical work and present standing in his/her medical community. This individual may be a partner, member of the applicant’s professional group or the training Program Director. The Applicant should contact the Sponsor and request that a Endorsement Form or Letter of Recommendation be forwarded to the MVSS Membership Chair.